To add slider or not to add slider? THAT is the question.

My answer…Use with caution. Unbounce’s answer…don’t use.

I have been considering the utility of sliders for a while now. The truth is that I have been using them on the majority of my sites because…they look great! Well not only that, there were other reasons:

1- You can relay multiple messages without crowding the home screen.
2- You can change slides to promote changing events or products easily without damaging Google indexing.
3- You can use it to clearly shout the values of a company without using long text

The third point was something I chose to use on the Groupe Premier Medical website in order to help identify their personality, an important element that sets them apart from other group insurance companies. Looking back would I change this? Perhaps there are other ways, however, since the slides are not meant to be calls to action, I think they serve their purpose.

Really though, who watches all 5 slides with all 5 promotions?

conversion rates from UnbounceHowever, it is true that if you want your home page to perform in terms of conversion rates, for example, obtaining leads, making an online purchase or any sort of actionable item, then slides can produce the opposite effect and even confuse the user. Really though, who watches all 5 slides with all 5 promotions? Will they really click on the important call-to-action on the slide or will they get distracted by the next oncoming slide?

In any case, for hard proof I turn to Unbounce, a company dedicated to improving conversion rates by creating testing sites, landing pages and other online marketing in order to help focus digital strategy. If your budget allows, I highly recommend giving this a try and would be happy to help arrange this for any of my clients or clients-to-be! Yes…that’s YOU. (Ok that was my pitch – read on.)


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