Braising ideas. Whipping up brands. Garnishing a lasting impression.

Start with a low simmer

We’ll start by getting the brainstorming on a low boil…what does your brand need? Who is your audience? What do THEY want? What are your goals? What do you want to gain with your online presence? What other marketing channels can we tap into?

Bring it up to a rolling boil

Now we kick it into high gear and get a great plan on paper. Dive into some research, talk to the right people, make sure it makes sense. Where do we want to focus our efforts to begin? What can we do down the road to ensure you stay relevant and visible? How do we fit it into your budget?

Develop that flavour

Now’s when we get our hands dirty and put your strategy into action. It could be one element or all but when you’re working with me, you know that the options are limitless…

  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Responsive Web Design and Development
  • Copywriting and Content Strategy
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Blogging and Social Networking
  • SEO and Analytics
  • Print Material and Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Anything you and I can dream up!

Plate it and Serve

Did I mention you’ll look great? You should. You worked hard to build your business and now you want the world to see how much you care and get them coming through the (proverbial) door.

Keep it Fresh

There’s nothing worse than predictability. And broken websites and frozen social networks. You have to keep an eye on it. Well, someone does. If you’re busy tackling your inbox cause the leads keep flowing in, I’ll be there to make sure nothing you built gets left behind and you’re always keeping up with the times.

Some of the good folks I’ve helped out over the last few years

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